Macklemore is now available for mares.

Macklemore is a black Gypsy Vanner stallion approved by the ICS of 1.68 meters high. We bred Macklemore ourselves from the combination of our Murphy x Sir Camelot.

Father Sir Camelot:

Mother Murphy:

Macklemore is from 2016 and has a great character: very friendly, affectionate, willing to work and enthusiastic. He is concentrated when riding between other horses and very flexible and flexible.
We started rinding Macklemore when he was three and a half years old and after two months we set a pause in for him to grow again until he was six. When he was 6, we thought he was mature enough to start playing with riding again.
Macklemore has a really good walk, nice trot and big canter.

Macklemore is PSSM1 clear

Video of Macklemore under the saddle:

Macklemore 7 years old:

Macklemore from foal until 6 years old: